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Nicholas Capriglione
Born in United States
21 years
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Mom Thanksgiving November 26, 2014
Even as a small child you always loved EVERY Holiday.  Thanksgiving was always so special to our family.  You were the first grandchild and everyone always fussed over you.  We all loved you and spoiled you to know end, especially nanna, who I know is by your side now.  She LOVED you so very much and I know she is taking such good care of you.  Happy Thanksgiving my angel boy.  Mommy misses you so very much that its so hard to breath sometimes.  I LOVE YOU!
Mom Lights of Hope Day October 1, 2014
Yesterday was the "Lights of Hope" Day!  We lit a red candle for current people facing addiction, we lit a white
candle for addicts in recovery, and a black/silver/dark candle for those who passed away from this horrible
epidemic.  So many of our family and friends showed tremendous support in lighting these candles and
especially lighting the dark candle in your memory are missed each and every single day by
those who LOVE you!!! Most of us have all learned so much from your passing, even though there are still
those who still need guidance, we still pray you can help guide them now.  My only wish Nick, is that many
people we know learned something from your passing, give back to those in need, and treat people with
Love and Kindness....I know its not possible for all, but even just a handful is a blessing...YOU will have died
for something, to teach others about how precious life is.  To teach others about love and have
become a great spirit and guide now, please help guide those in need especially the afflicted with addiction.
dee,aunt kat,&bella light of hope September 30, 2014
You filled the world with special joy and happiness untold ,you always had a sunny way and a lovely heart of made life so much brighter just by being thoughtful too and saying kind and helpful things was typical of you..thats y its hard to face the world and know you wont be up life so warmly with your smile beyond compare..the memories you left behind grow sweeter day by day but you are missed dear loved one more than words can say...
Alyssa Car Rides September 23, 2014
I remember how much you and I just loved being in cars, going on road trips, just hanging in our cars, listening to music, driving to get food and pick up all our friends.  You and I were always the ones who drove everyone everywhere we just loved being in our cars. I rememeber all the times you would drive my car, you loved my car so much. Even though u hated the jets green color you always loved driving around in my car.  Today I just got a new car and I know you would love it!! I wish you could take it for a drive because I know how much you loved driving people's new cars but I know you are with me always reguardless of what car I am in! I love you nickky <3
Mommy Christmas with Family September 11, 2014
This is one of my favorite photos, we always had the Christmas Holidays at our home and it was a wonderful tration to have all the kids take a family holiday photo.  Nicholas always loved taking these pics cuz he loved Christmas and being with his family.  Family was everything to him and we are proud to have instilled that value in him as it shined in him so brightly.  Alyssa was a very big part of our family as well and still is, we are so blessed to still have her and so many others in our lives who continue to share the so many stories of my Nick and they are so very brave to always be so supportive to us even after 2 years of losing our Nick....I thank God everyday our Family and Friends, as they will always be blessed for their kindness and love to us, God will remember you always and so will NickInnocent
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