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Nicholas Capriglione
Born in United States
21 years
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Alyssa Sharing Is Caring With My Angel December 21, 2015
I love how I was in a rush at the store and grabbed a coke and sprite, as I am checking out I see it says your name, you never stop amazing me =) I will always share with you my angel <3 LOVE YOU!  btw. I saved half for you ;)
Alicia 21 April 9, 2015
I miss you Nick. It's hard to believe that the last time I got to spend time with you was 3 Aprils ago.  Our birthday month.  You turned 21 that year.  And you will forever be 21.  And it's wierd because now I'm the one turning 21.  I've caught up to you.  And I realized that from this month on I will surpass you in age.  That's wierd for me.  You will always be my older cousin.  I will always be looking up to you.  No matter how much older than you I get, I'm still going to see you that way.  I remeber you being 11 and I being 8. And you declaring that you were going to sell all your pokemon cards because you said pokemon wasn't cool anymore.  And that was that. My older cousin who knew everything said pokemon wasn't cool anymore so I stopped thinking it was cool.  And I hate that youre not here to set that standard of cool for me anymore Cool  Happy Birthday Nick. Love, Your little Cousin<3
dee.aunt kat.bella nicky birthday.. April 9, 2015
Happy birthday in heaven. .wishing you were here today for even just awhile so I could say happy birthday and see your loving smile.the only gifts today will be your sweet memories left behind of laughter, joy, and happiness that echo in my mind..I'll gaze upon pictures I'll think of you with love in heaven up above..may angels hold you closely and sing to you a happy song and I'll be sending wishes today and all year long.......nicky we love you and miss you beyond were and always will be a force of love to our whole family...we wish you many happy wishes today on birthday in heaven I know your with all your loved ones and there will be a big celebration for the best angel this world has ever seen..many hugs and kisses sent up to you you sweet angel..xoxo
Mom Thanksgiving November 26, 2014
Even as a small child you always loved EVERY Holiday.  Thanksgiving was always so special to our family.  You were the first grandchild and everyone always fussed over you.  We all loved you and spoiled you to know end, especially nanna, who I know is by your side now.  She LOVED you so very much and I know she is taking such good care of you.  Happy Thanksgiving my angel boy.  Mommy misses you so very much that its so hard to breath sometimes.  I LOVE YOU!
Mom Lights of Hope Day October 1, 2014
Yesterday was the "Lights of Hope" Day!  We lit a red candle for current people facing addiction, we lit a white
candle for addicts in recovery, and a black/silver/dark candle for those who passed away from this horrible
epidemic.  So many of our family and friends showed tremendous support in lighting these candles and
especially lighting the dark candle in your memory are missed each and every single day by
those who LOVE you!!! Most of us have all learned so much from your passing, even though there are still
those who still need guidance, we still pray you can help guide them now.  My only wish Nick, is that many
people we know learned something from your passing, give back to those in need, and treat people with
Love and Kindness....I know its not possible for all, but even just a handful is a blessing...YOU will have died
for something, to teach others about how precious life is.  To teach others about love and have
become a great spirit and guide now, please help guide those in need especially the afflicted with addiction.
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