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Nicholas Capriglione
Born in United States
21 years
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dee,aunt kat,&bella happy birthday in heaven April 9, 2014
Happy birthday up in heaven from your family here below..we love and miss you and want to let you know your birthdays arent forgotten and your memory lives on..we celebrate your life with us even though your gone if god were to grant us just one wish then make that wish come true you'd be here right beside us and we'd spend this day with you..and while here for your birthday you would be so hugged and kissed that you would know before you go how much your loved and missed...we love you nicky everyday will live in our hearts and soul forever. ..your signs are beautiful and much needed ..all our love precious nick....<3
Danielle birthday breeze April 9, 2014
I feel your spirit all around me on this magical 23rd birthday of yours
as the sun beams it feels like the heat coming from birthday candles
and the breeze that guides me to where I need to go
is your breath blowing those candles out
though we cannot celebrate your birthday with you
I know you are celebrating your birthday with us
Your presence is everywhere we go today
 Happy Birhday to a beautiful Angel

Love you bro 
dee baby nicky. March 26, 2014
I remember how cute you were as a kid...i remember telling everyone how much i loved you..till this day i tell everyone how handsome you are and how much i love you...i remember how proud of you i am and will always be...i remember your beautiful heart and soul and your infectious smile and personality...i remember your love of life and your family....i hope you know how incredible you are and how unforgettable you are...i hope you know i always loved you and always will...i miss you so much everyday...thank god for your everlasting light that is still with us...thanks for your guidance and for walking beside have always had my heart sweet cousin nicky and always will...i send you all my everlasting love to you..forever on my mind and always in my heart....
Alyssa The Dream Of Us Together February 26, 2014
Nick I cannot thank you enough for coming to me in my dream last night, you truely do not understand how much that touched me and meant to me. Last night I had a dream about nick that felt so real it was scarey waking up to him not being next to me. We were laying down together how we always had in his basement and watching tv i just remember laying with him it was the exact same way we always had. And him and I were talking most of what we were talking about it was stuff only him and I would understand but the most meaningful part was the converstation and that was about him and I getting back together, him and I were explaining all our reasons why it was time for us to be togehter again and how we were both ready to date one another again, I dont remember how it ended but i remember the last words of the conversation was him saying, "it will happen very soon" I woke up so happy I always truely believed him and I were made for eachother but this only confirmed it that much more. Nick even though god took you away from me, we both know deep down the love we had for eachother is something no one else can fill. WE WERE BOTH MADE TO BE WITH EACHOTHER, and I thank you so much for coming through in my dream last night just to keep reassuring your love for me. I love you nickky, goodnight
Mommy Tweets February 26, 2014
I still keep Nick's twitter account open just to remember and look back but wanted to share some of his last tweets incase you don't follow him on twitter:

April 3, 2012-"Three more days till I come home, can't wait boys and girls?

April 6, 2012-"Home watching the walking dead on my couch with mommy and jude"

April 14, 2012-"Thx u NJ for a great visit all my family and friends who have been there from the start, I Love U All, see U summer side"

We all just miss you so much NICK, what more can I say, but yet more proof how much you loved us all TOO!!

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