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Mommy Christmas with Family September 11, 2014
This is one of my favorite photos, we always had the Christmas Holidays at our home and it was a wonderful tration to have all the kids take a family holiday photo.  Nicholas always loved taking these pics cuz he loved Christmas and being with his family.  Family was everything to him and we are proud to have instilled that value in him as it shined in him so brightly.  Alyssa was a very big part of our family as well and still is, we are so blessed to still have her and so many others in our lives who continue to share the so many stories of my Nick and they are so very brave to always be so supportive to us even after 2 years of losing our Nick....I thank God everyday our Family and Friends, as they will always be blessed for their kindness and love to us, God will remember you always and so will NickInnocent
Mom Janet Nohovak September 5, 2014
Nicholas, thank you for guiding me to Janet and sending me such detailed messages...It gives me hope and peace in my heart.  I have shared all that was said to our family and friends and we know you are always with us...I was glad to hear from Nanna and Nonna and that they are with you too:)  We will always LOVE and MISS YOU!!! 
dee signs of nicky.... August 21, 2014
Today is aunt kats i asked nicky to show her a sign today cause she was missing nicky alot today..we were in walmart and my mom turned around and said who just said that i said who said what she said someone just said aunt kathy so loudly ...but no one was down the aisle but as soon as she said she got chills i knew that was the sign i prayed to nick to give his aunt kat today..just to validate it was nick right after bella found a just another amazing sign from nicky..thank you nicky so much for still letting us know you never left our side or souls...we love you forever..
dee 2 years August 18, 2014
Today is the second anniversary of the day you left this earth.i know all who knew you have appreciated your worth, because no one was more caring then you my dear radiated that love until the we think about you which we do most everyday, i conclude when you left you took part of us away ,i know you will be caring for folk on the other side,  but i hope you can see that there is still a love for you we cannot hide....
Mom Memorials August 18, 2014
Yesterday we had your 2nd Memorial with all of our wonderful family and friends...They all will always remember you and will always share in this sad day that we lost the most amazing human being that has ever lived.  We are thankful and blessed to have all these incredible people in our lives as they have been super supportive and want to be with us on such a sad day to celebrate your memory and the life you lived on this earth.  We will never forget the kindness all our family and friends show to us..they are truly lights in our lives as this life has been a difficult journey.  I know you were with us all yesterday, as you showed us many signs and shared in the great food you loved while here on Earth.  Loving you always and will never be forgotten.  
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