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Antonio me to you nick. August 18, 2016
Antonio My friend.. August 18, 2016
Dear Nick,
Im not to good at wrighting,so bare with me here lol.I dont know where to start bro.My life has been a roller coaster of up and downs,but i guess thats life right.I cant believe its been 4 years since your been gone.I think about you more then ever now.As you get older things change,u dont see old friends or do as fun things like we used gets lonly down here sometimes and i wish you were beside me.MY Mom still asks and brings u up to me all the time and i have to remind her that your no longer with us cause of her MS.I just want to let you that we did not forget about you pal.I know out of eveybody you would still be by my side and my friend threw everything.It sucks getting older and facing the challenges god has ahead of us.But in the end i know it will be worth it, cause i know you will be with me all the way threw.Theres days i dont want to get up or go to the gym.Then out of nowhere i get fire in me like a bull seeing red for the first time.If thats you bro i want to say thank you i needed that.I really miss you nick and all your great perks,cant put a price on good friendship,love and loyalty.u had it all and thats hard to find now a days with how everyone is so rapt up in there problems and drama.your all heart and i love u like a brother!.now your probably laughing at me and saying"Ant your such a fag lol".HAHA but thats ok cause we both know its the truth.ok bro get back to work cutting gods hair and dont screw it up now hes the boss lol..In our short time together.All the memories we had,will last in my heart.Those memories i will never forget pal..Love always your friend Antonio.
DAD Your story on earth July 24, 2016
Nick your life on earth was amazing I tell your story each and every day and much you are loved and your friends missed you so much and your family misses you Nick you are with me all day miss you so much I love you❤
Alyssa Sharing Is Caring With My Angel December 21, 2015
I love how I was in a rush at the store and grabbed a coke and sprite, as I am checking out I see it says your name, you never stop amazing me =) I will always share with you my angel <3 LOVE YOU!  btw. I saved half for you ;)
Alicia 21 April 9, 2015
I miss you Nick. It's hard to believe that the last time I got to spend time with you was 3 Aprils ago.  Our birthday month.  You turned 21 that year.  And you will forever be 21.  And it's wierd because now I'm the one turning 21.  I've caught up to you.  And I realized that from this month on I will surpass you in age.  That's wierd for me.  You will always be my older cousin.  I will always be looking up to you.  No matter how much older than you I get, I'm still going to see you that way.  I remeber you being 11 and I being 8. And you declaring that you were going to sell all your pokemon cards because you said pokemon wasn't cool anymore.  And that was that. My older cousin who knew everything said pokemon wasn't cool anymore so I stopped thinking it was cool.  And I hate that youre not here to set that standard of cool for me anymore Cool  Happy Birthday Nick. Love, Your little Cousin<3
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